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Sisi slams rumors that Egypt has closed Rafah crossing

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi stressed on Wednesday that Egypt remains committed to relieving the suffering of Palestinians, and slammed rumors claiming that Egypt has closed the the Rafah border crossing.

During the fifth edition of the “Differently-Abled” celebration, Sisi assured that Egypt will persist with supporting the Palestinian cause until an agreement is reached on establishing a Palestinian state on the 1967 border, with East Jerusalem as its capital.

He added that, “In times of conflict, there are many statements, some of which are true and others are not, however, from the first day we have been eager for the Rafah crossing to be an opportunity, a way and a path to provide aid and also to provide relief to those required to be helped… But the issue is not as easy as some people think and they believe that our actions do not match our words.”

Sisi expressed Egypt’s willingness to maintain the flow of aid through the Rafah crossing, hoping to secure a ceasefire within the next few days.

High-ranking Egyptian sources announced Tuesday that “The Egyptian Air Force carried out an airdrop of urgent humanitarian aid in the Gaza Strip, with the participation of Jordan and the UAE.”

The sources confirmed that “Egypt is intensifying its efforts by land and air; to relieve the stricken areas in the northern Gaza Strip and supply them with urgent aid,” the AlQahera News Channel reported on Tuesday.

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