Sisi’s procession passing on red carpet in 6 October stirs anger

The red carpet on which President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s procession passed for several kilometers during a visit to 6 October City on Saturday to open several projects has provoked anger among media professionals and social media users.

Critics said that Sisi’s speech calling on citizens to bear austerity due to economic hardships does not conform to such costs.

Radio presenter Youssef al-Husseiny said on Nogoom FM radio station on Sunday, “The red carpet scene at the opening of projects was weird. Yes, the president can walk on it but do we now put down the red carpet for cars, too?”
“No leader’s car in the world drives on red carpets. Who is the great hypocrite that would do this? What was on his mind when he did it? How many blankets would that carpet’s price provide for the poor?” said Husseiny. He also asked, “What was the president’s reaction when he found the red carpets on the road in 6 October?”
Media professional Lamis al-Hadidy said on the privately-owned CBC channel, “I don’t blame the president but I blame those who surround him. Why was there a red carpet for the car to pass on? The president is handing out apartments for those of low incomes while there is a red carpet for the car? Isn’t it too much?”
Sisi said during his speech on Saturday that the government will not be able to continue its subsidy on water bills, which he estimated to cost LE40 million daily. He called on citizens to not complain about the increase in bills of water and electricity.
On Twitter, Alaa Bayyoumy wrote, “Guess what’s the price of one meter of that red carpet? Or what’s the price of several kilowatts of electricity? Let people know.”
Meanwhile, Ismail Hosny tweeted: “Egypt became an empire. The president’s car passed on red carpet in 6 October.”
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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