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Sisi rejects CIA chief’s proposal to administer Gaza for 6 months

Retired Egyptian Major General and strategic thinker Samir Farag clarified the reasons for why President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi refused a proposal by CIA Director William Burns suggesting Egypt manage Gaza for six months.

In an interview with the program “On My Responsibility,” Farag explained that the US proposed that Egypt administer the Gaza Strip by holding fair elections to form a technocratic government to control Gaza in preparation for its integration with the Palestinian authority in Ramallah.

Farag said that Sisi categorically refused the idea, saying, “Gaza should be run by its people” a decision which the former described as “wise” despite the “financial and military temptations” offered to the Egyptian President.

Farag indicated that after Egypt rejected the US proposal, others were discussed including the formation of a European military force or an Arab military force.

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