Sisi receives phone call from US President Joe Biden, discussing bilateral ties and regional issues

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi received a phone call from US President Joe Biden on Monday which exchanged views regarding developments on regional issues of common interest as well as bilateral relations, the official spokesperson for the Egyptian Presidency Bassam Rady said.

Biden stressed the high value of fruitful partnership, constructive cooperation and mutual understanding between the US and Egypt, adding the US administration aims to strengthen bilateral relations with Egypt during the next phase in various fields especially in light of Egypt’s pivotal regional role.

Sisi touched on strategic Egyptian-US relations and said his nation will continue to work towards strengthening ties between both nations, amid a firm framework of mutual respect.

The two leaders also addressed the situation in Palestine and ways to revive the peace process in the wake of recent developments, in addition to supporting the ceasefire between the Palestinian and Israeli parties with Egyptian mediation.

They also discussed international efforts aimed at reconstructing Gaza and providing urgent humanitarian aid to it.

Biden made clear his country’s determination to restore calm in the Palestinian territories, as well as coordinate efforts with all international partners in order to support the Palestinian Authority and the reconstruction of Gaza.

The call also covered the latest developments in Libya and agreed on the importance of working to restore its balance and stability and to preserve its national institutions, leading to elections at the end of this year.

Biden praised the strenuous Egyptian efforts towards the Libyan crisis, which strengthened the political process in Libya. He also agreed to strengthen joint efforts to reintegrate Iraq into the region.

The two presidents also exchanged views on the developments of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

Sisi welcomed continued US efforts in this regard, stressing Egypt’s adherence to its water rights through reaching a fair and binding legal agreement that includes clear rules for the process of filling and operating the dam.

Biden made clear Washington’s full understanding of the utmost importance of this issue to the Egyptian people, expressing his determination to exert efforts to ensure water security for Egypt.

The two officials also discussed human rights, and Sisi emphasized commitment to engage in a transparent dialogue between with the US in this regard.

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