Sisi heads to Brussels to participate in the European Union – African Union summit

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi left this morning and was heading to the Belgian capital, Brussels.

He is to participate in the sixth session of the European Union – African Union summit which will be held on February 17-18 at the European Union headquarters.

The Spokesman for the Egyptian Presidency Bassam Rady said that the African/European Summit will be held this year under the theme “Africa and Europe: Two Continents with a Common Vision until 2030.”

The first session was held in Cairo in 2000, which witnessed the establishment of mechanisms of participation between the two sides through the “Cairo Action Plan”.

The European side is one of the most prominent international partners with which the African Union is keen to strengthen ties.

On the priority list is the development and maintenance of international peace and security, as well as the continuous consultation between the two sides on how to address common challenges.

Rady explained that the president intends to focus during the work of the African/ European summit on various topics of interest to African countries, especially with regard to strengthening international efforts to facilitate their integration into the global economy.

Sisi will stress the need to provide effective support to African countries in their quest to achieve the goals of sustainable development 2030.

Other things on the agenda are to transfer technology to developing countries, push foreign investment movement to them, and enable developing countries to increase reliance on renewable energy sources.

President Sisi will review Egypt’s preparations to host the next United Nations Climate Summit COP27 in November 2022.

The Egyptian efforts in this context to produce balanced and realistic results, as well as push for the importance of crystallizing a common vision to support and finance the African continent during the coronavirus pandemic.

Also facilitating access and equitable distribution of various technologies related to the pandemic, especially with regard to the production of vaccines.

The program of President Sisi’s visit to Belgium includes holding summit talks with King Philippe Leopold of Belgium and Alexander De Croo: Prime Minister of Belgium, in order to discuss ways to strengthen bilateral relations and to achieve the common interests of the two nations.

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