Sisi gives directives to expand distributing subsidized food commodities via army, police, supply outlets: Qabbaj

Minister of Social Solidarity Nevin Qabbaj said on Wednesday that President Abdel Fattah El Sisi gave directives to expand the distribution of boxes of subsidized food commodities through the outlets of the Armed Forces and the ministries of supply and interior to target poor areas.

In a phone call with Sada el Balad satellite channel, Qabbaj said the Ministry of Awqaf will continue distributing Sacrificial and food sukuk all throughout the year at the directives of the president, pointing out that the Egyptian state is keen that the current food crises would not affect citizens.

Qabbaj said 74% of those holding Takaful and Karama cards are women, adding that 18 million women benefit from the aid supplies.

She asserted that the state is keen on improving the quality of citizens’ life.

Meanwhile, Qabbaj said social programs are not limited to financial sides only but also cover developmental ones.

The Egyptian state allocates half a trillion pounds to subsidy, she said, adding that the state is keen on supporting the families and getting them out of poverty gradually.

The cost of including another one million families to Takaful and Karama program is 5.4 billion pounds, she said.

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