Sisi directs int’l coop frameworks beef up

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has given directives to the government to continue development of international cooperation frameworks in development projects, and to review them periodically to ensure that they respond to national needs and priorities, presidential spokesman said.

During a meeting on Saturday 30/12/2023 with Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and International Cooperation Minister Rania al-Mashat, Sisi stressed the importance of focusing on enhancing investment in human capital.

The spokesman said the meeting addressed national efforts to strengthen frameworks for multilateral and bilateral international cooperation by activating economic diplomacy, especially with regard to supporting and empowering the private sector in Egypt.

Mashat said the Egyptian private sector got up to 10.3 billion dollars during the past four years in the form of financial and technical support.

The meeting also tackled the most important features of the Ministry of International Cooperation’s annual report, “Platforms for Policy-Making and Activating Partnerships,” which includes the results of international partnerships with development partners and concessional development financing, and comes within the framework of the government’s keenness to enhance the principles of transparency and governance within the framework of international cooperation and development financing.

A joint statement was issued with development partners on the national platform of “NWFE” program, praising the sectoral policies that the government has pursued to stimulate the participation of the private sector in the platform.

Mashat highlighted success in concluding a debt swap agreement with Germany to finance the energy axis of the program, with confirmation that the NWFE platform provides a practical model to be followed to mobilize climate investments.

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