Sisi approves new law raising fees for ‘work-abroad’ permits

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has approved a legal amendment that will raise fees for Egyptians seeking government permission to work abroad. The amendment was previously approved by parliament but required the final approval of the president.

The amendement raises the fees for "work-abroad" permits issued by the Manpower Ministry, increasing them from LE100 to LE200 for those with a higher-education background, and from LE60 to LE100 for those with a lower level of education.

In line with existing practice, Egyptian expats must renew their work-abroad permit each year, meaning the fees are due annually.

The new legislation, Law no.76 for the year 2016, orders amendments to some provisions of Law no.231 for the year 1996, which relates to the procedures and fees for Egyptians working abroad.

According to a report from the Parliamentary Committee on Defense and National Security, the fee increase is a response to the drop in the value of the Egyptian currency relative to the dollar, and it is intended to help boost public funds.

The committee said the proposed increases are “balanced” and would not affect those on low-incomes.

Edited translation from MENA

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