SIS: Egypt categorically rejects comments on verdicts of its judiciary

Egypt has noted that some countries and international organizations have insisted on commenting on verdicts of the Egyptian judiciary, which is known for its objectiveness and fairness, the State Information Service (SIS) said on Thursday.
"They disregard the brutal and ruthless nature of the terrorist aggressions committed against", the governmental body added.
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International slammed Egypt Wednesday over the mass death sentencing of 188 Islamists days after murder charges were dropped against ex-president Hosni Mubarak.
A Cairo court sentenced 188 supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi to death Tuesday over the killing of 13 policemen in a village on the outskirts of Cairo on August 14, 2013, while Mubarak the case against Mubarak was dropped in 29 November. The sons of the 30 years ruling autocrat, his minister of interior and number of his aides were announced not guilty.
In a statement on Tuesday, the United Nations human rights body said that it was “deeply concerned about a number of recent developments in Egypt and their impact on freedom of expression, association and assembly” as well as “the seriously damaging lack of accountability” for those violations.
The SIS pointed out that "the Egyptian people and the safeguards that are mentioned in Egypt's constitution and its laws guaranteeing fair trial for defendants with full due process and granting them every right to defend themselves and appeal any sentence issued against them, which is particularly important in light of the fact that appeals are issued by the highest court in the country which is the Court of Cassation."
"Such comments on judicial verdicts are absolutely rejected and constitute a clear violation of one of the most essential principles of democracy; the separation of authorities," it added .

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