Sinai Bedouins prepare for protest near al-Gora airport

A group of Bedouins are preparing for a protest near al-Gorah airport where multi-national peace keeping forces are situated, sources from the North Sinai governorate said.

Several members of a tribe in al-Mahdiya village located to the south of the border city of Rafah said they plan to participate in the Day of Anger protests and will organize a march in the streets of Rafah and Sheikh Zowayyed.

In Sheikh Zowayyed city, Saeed Ateeq, an activist, said he will participate in protests to express his rejection of heavy security measures and unemployment, and to call for the release of detainees.

Members of the Karama party are preparing for a protest in front of the local council in North Sinai, while police there are on alert.

Security was also tightened in the Sheikh Zowayyed and Refai squares in Arish and in front of the Faculty of Education, the headquarters of the North Sinai governorate and al-Masoura square in Rafah.

Governor of Sinai Mourad Mowafi meanwhile said there are no protests in his governorates and expressed surprise over the calls for protest, saying there were no problems in his governorate.

In a phone call with Al-Masry Al-Youm, he added, "There are no protests in North Sinai, we do not have any problems." He went on: "Anyone who has a problem should come to me instead of setting himself/herself on fire."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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