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Shoukry, Blinken discuss situation in Gaza Strip

Egyptian Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry received a phone call from the Secretary of State of the US Anthony Blinken, on Friday evening, as part of follow-up consultations between Cairo and Washington regarding developments in the Gaza Strip.

The spokesperson for the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Ahmed Abu-Zeid, explained that the phone call between the two ministers discussed in detail ongoing joint efforts aimed at reaching a permanent ceasefire and the exchange of prisoners and detainees.

Abu-Zeid said that the US Secretary of State expressed his nation’s full appreciation for Egypt’s efforts to mediate between Israel and Hamas, and its continued work to deliver humanitarian aid to Gaza Strip.

He added that Shoukry listened to a briefing from his US counterpart regarding America’s decision to deliver aid to the Gaza Strip via a sea corridor.

Blinken explained that this sea corridor will compliment the Rafah land crossing, which remains the primary outlet for aid, and noted America’s efforts towards support negotiations on the exchange of detainees.

Shoukry stressed the need to intensify all efforts to reach a comprehensive ceasefire as it is the ultimate goal on which international efforts must be focused to stop the blood of Palestinian civilians.

He also stressed the necessity of implementing Security Council Resolution #2720 to coordinate and monitor the entry of aid, and overcome the obstacles placed by Israel to hinder it.

The discussions between the two ministers also touched on the dangerous developments taking place in the southern Red Sea region, and the threat it poses to international trade movement.

Shoukry reiterated his warning of the increasing regional repercussions of expanding the conflict in the region as it threatens the stability, safety and interests of many countries.

He also warned against the dangers of any military operation in Rafah city, due to the catastrophic humanitarian consequences that will bring.

Egypt completely rejects any attempts to displace the Palestinian people outside its lands, Shoukry stressed, as this constitutes a grave violation of international law and is a desperate attempt to liquidate the Palestinian cause.

The two ministers agreed to continue coordination and consultation and to keep communication channels open during the coming days to support mediation efforts and facilitate the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

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