Sherine Abel-Wahab banned from performing in Egypt

The Musicians Syndicate in Egypt led by artist Hany Shaker banned renowned Egyptian singer Sherine Abdel-Wahab from performing in Egypt in addition to scheduling a disciplinary meeting on March 27 to investigate the claims brought against her regarding her latest controversial statement at a concert in Bahrain.

Egyptian lawyer Samir Sabry filed a recent complaint against Abdel-Wahab for “insulting Egypt,” “spreading false news,” and “inviting suspicious human rights organizations to interfere in Egypt’s affairs.”

Sabry’s legal complaint claimed that Sherine devastated Egypt’s reputation with her recent statement at a concert in Bahrain, where she stated, “Here I can say whatever I want. In Egypt, anyone who talks gets imprisoned,” according to Sabry.

Shaker, the syndicate’s chairman, said in his telephone interview with Al Nahar TV on the program “Akher Al Nahar” that the syndicate’s move came as result of several complaints against her.

Shaker added that he has previously asked Abdel-Wahab to stop telling jokes on stage; he had stressed that the stage is for singing only and informed her that she doesn’t know how to be properly humorous.

“Sherine’s last mistake–making fun of the Nile River–was a big one, and here is another catastrophe. Her statement angered Bahrainis more than Egyptians themselves, because they love Egypt,” Shaker added.

Sherine Abdel-Wahab was previously handed a six-month prison sentence after making fun of the River Nile during a concert. She had said that drinking its waters may lead to parasitic infections.

Abdel-Wahab released a statement in which she told fans not to pay attention to false remarks or comments removed from their context, Al Masry Al-Youm reported. She voiced her rejection of attempts to examine her loyalty and love for Egypt.

The famed singer reassured fans that she will continue singing. She noted that she has assigned a lawyer to deal with others who may exploit her name in search for fame.

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