Sherine Abdel-Wahab files two more cases against Hossam Habib’s father


Sherine Abdel-Wahab has now officially filed two more cases with the Public Prosecution bearing numbers (32516 and 35216), against Hussein Habib, the father of her ex-husband Hossam Habib, after he abused her on social media.

The first report stated that Habib: He wrote a post from his personal account that included words and insinuations that offend Abdel-Wahab, her reputation, her person and her family, and lead to her contempt by the people of her country, and relatives.

The second report said, that Hussein Habib insulted Abdel-Wahab on social networking sites and said about her: “she is lier, arrogant, and mighty, and defames people and insults religion.”

The report added that what Hussein Habib did are crimes punishable by law and would harm the reputation of the complainant and degrade her among her relatives.

Abdel-Wahab went public on details of her private relationship with her ex-husband, Hossam Habib last week.

She apologized to the Egyptian and Arab public for lying in the last period, and also recounted her suffering with Habib during her marriage.

Abdel-Wahab confirmed that her ex-husband assaulted her with “beatings and insults”, and she also revealed the real reason behind her shaving her hair, noting that Habib is the real reason for that.

Abdel-Wahab said that she has material evidence of all her statements about her relationship with Habib, and she can prove them, stressing that they are not just words, and that she bears legal accountability for everything she said.

She added that she appointed senior lawyers in a misdemeanor case against Habib, and that she had paid nearly one million pounds for the lawyer’s fees out of fears from Habib, and that she had legal evidence.


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