Senior military official asks Israeli Embassy not to re-raise flag

Informed sources told Al-Mary Al-Youm on Saturday that a high-ranking military official visited the Israeli Embassy on Thursday evening and asked its staff not to re-raise the Israeli flag at the embassy.

Last Saturday evening, a young protester climbed up a block of flats to the top floor where the Israeli Embassy is located and replaced the Israeli flag with the Egyptian flag.

This incident took place during a protest, organized by Egyptian activists, in front of the embassy. Demonstrators protested the killing of 5 Egyptian security and military personnel on border by Israeli forces on Thursday.

The same sources said the senior military official told Israeli Embassy staff not to re-raise the flag in order to avoid arousing angry demonstrators who were demanding the Israeli ambassador be expelled.

The April 6 Youth Movement, one of the main political forces that organized demonstrations outside the embassy, had announced earlier that they would suspend their one-week-sit-in.

Resala Charity Organization cleaned the site of the protest Saturday morning, in cooperation with some of the protesters.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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