Security sources: None of Ben Ali’s relatives entered Egypt

Security sources at Cairo International Airport said neither the family of Tunisia’s ousted president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali, nor the family of his wife Layla al-Taraboulsi, had entered Egypt as of Wednesday morning.

Only 161 Egyptian, Sudanese, Omani and Yemeni passengers arrived in Cairo on board EgyptAir and Tunisian airlines Tuesday evening, sources added.

Security bodies at the airport had not been instructed as of Wednesday morning on whether to allow entry of either the Tunisian president or the couple's relatives.

Meanwhile, EgyptAir changed the time of flights between Cairo and Tunis from night to daytime to coincide with the time when the curfew is not in effect.   Two daytime flights will operate on Fridays and Sundays, according to Chairman of EgyptAir Airlines Alaa Ashour.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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