Security personnel riot after officer abuses conscript

Central Security conscripts in Dekheila, west of Alexandria, rioted on Sunday when a higher-ranking officer assaulted their colleague.

Angry recruits seized weapons, began firing in the air and damaging property.

They later took to the streets and smashed a number of cars before reaching Dekheila's police station, where they set fire to two police vehicles.

Assistant Interior Minister Mostafa Sheta arrived at the scene in an attempt to calm down the conscripts, who responded by dispersing.

Minister of Interior Mansour al-Essawy suspended the officer who ignited the turmoil and asked the ministry’s inspectors to investigate the incident.

Central Security Forces is part of the Interior Ministry but separate from the police. Its recruits – people who fail to meet army service standards – guard certain buildings and control crowds.

A one-week rebellion in 1986 was the largest mutiny by Central Security personnel. It was triggered by a rumor that their service would be extended for an extra year. A number of hotels and businesses were set on fire and the army put down the unrest by force, leaving 60 killed.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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