Security officers investigated over destruction of documents

The General Prosecutor on Monday launched investigations into 64 state security officers and employees from 6 October on charges of attempting to destroy important papers and documents. The South Giza Prosecution ordered the detention of the accused staff until investigations conclude.

A source said the detainees include 22 officers of various ranks detained by the military police following the Saturday events at the 6 October state security building. The source added analysts expect a significant number of the officers and staff accused of burning and destroying documents and destruction of public property to see prison terms.

Hundreds of protesters surrounded the state security headquarters in 6 October on Saturday after thick smoke was seen billowing from the building and immediate vicinity.

The protesters attempted to break into the building following reports of documentation destruction. Officers responded by firing in the air to disperse the crowd.

Meanwhile, the Cairo Prosecution, headed by Justice Amr Fawzi, is investigating attempts to break in to the state security headquarters in Lazoghly on Sunday.

All documents and papers seized from the security headquarters were handed over to the prosecution; in addition to 80 computer hard drives carrying documents and information, the source said.

The prosecution will also be questioning protesters who tried to storm the building, the source added.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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