Security measures tightened at universities

The Universities of Cairo, Ain Shams and Helwan witnessed strict security measures by the security personnel of Falcon Company and police forces, who stepped up their presence outside the universities following the death of a student at Cairo University's Faculty of Engineering.

The student lost his consciousness and fell off the stairs. The ambulance arrived after the student had died. Students staged a protest against the late arrival of the ambulance.

Cairo University administration sacked 10 students involved in acts of violence on campus during pro-Muslim Brotherhood demonstrations in the first week of the academic year.

Cairo University president Gaber Nassar had commissioned the security to offload videos for demonstrations on campus recorded by surveillance cameras and to identify students who practiced acts of violence before sacking them.

A student at the Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, named Mohamed Amr Abdel Wahab, died yesterday, after he lost consciousness on the college stairs.

Dozens of students staged a protest inside the college building to condemn the death of their colleague due to the late arrival of the ambulance. They expressed their outrage at the unreadiness of the college clinic to receive critical cases.

Major General Kamal al-Daly, director of Giza security, inspected the security measures at Cairo University.

CSF were deployed around the walls and entrances and exits of the university.

Four armored vehicles and 3 CSF vehicles were deployed at al-Nahda Square.

At Ain Shams University, the security personnel stepped up their presence at the gates and inspected students, and cars entering the university.

CSF were deployed at the university amid the absence of pro-MB protests on campus.

Vice president of the education and students' affairs department Mohamed al-Toukhy said the university decided to sack 6 students broke into the university gates on 12 October.

At Helwan University, dozens of students staged a protest demanding the release of their detained colleagues and chanted slogans against the army, police, and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Military forces and CSF were deployed near the university in anticipation of protests by Brotherhood students.

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