Security forces thwart attempted escapes from two prisons

Cairo and Giza security forces on Tuesday thwarted two attempted prison escapes from the Khalifa Deportations Prison and the Badrasheen Police Station’s detention facility.
Security forces surrounded some 147 detainees in the Khalifa Deportations Prison in central Cairo after they destroyed security offices, attacked members of the police force and set a number of blankets on fire in the detention facilities in an attempt to escape. Members of the Public Prosecution were sent to the area to investigate the incident and to collect injured police officers’ testimonies.

Preliminary investigations showed that 142 detainees at the Khalifa Deportations Prison in Cairo, being held on charges of drug possession, theft, murder and attempted murder, had broken down the doors of detention rooms and attempted to set the doors on fire. The attempt led to the injury of the prison warden and a police officer.

According to the investigation, Central Security Forces were immediately dispatched to the prison, after which they imposed a security cordon on all prison entrances and exits which lead to the stop of traffic in the area.

On Tuesday, riots broke out at the Badrasheen Police Station’s detention facility in Giza after five detainees set fire to clothing and blankets in opposition to inspections on the detention room.

Investigations revealed that the detainees were safely removed from the detention center after the fire lead to the panic of some 50 detainees. The fire was extinguished.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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