Security forces seize trucks headed to Sinai due to smuggling fears

Security forces tightened security measures at the Shahid Ahmed Hamdi tunnel, which connects the Suez and Sinai governorates, seizing cargo trucks en route to Sinai. 

The trucks were transporting goods such as fruit and vegetables and electrical appliances. Authorities intend to hold the trucks and their products for several days.

“Suez security forces are coordinating efforts in order to follow the routes of these trucks after receiving information that [the goods] are being smuggled into the Gaza Strip through tunnels," said one south Sinai security source.

South Sinai traders Ali Hassan, Hisham al-Gayar and Mohamed Jasser sent complaints to the Directorate of Security and the Chamber of Commerce over the tightened security. The measures have resulted in heavy losses, they say.

Sinai local council member Sayed Touhami Farghaly said the procedures have led to significant problems for both citizens and traders in the governorate as they have resulted in spoiling of food and a scarcity of products on the market.

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