Security forces arrest ‘dangerous’ escaped prisoner in Old Cairo

Security forces on Tuesday evening arrested a person who the Interior Ministry called “one of the most dangerous criminal elements” in the Stable Antar neighborhood of Old Cairo.

The arrest of Hamada al-Aql, 35, and his cousin came after a week of Cairo Security Directorate raids in the area targeting arms and drug dealers, the ministry said on its Facebook page Wednesday.

The ministry said Aql terrorized Old Cairo and Dar al-Salaam residents after he escaped from prison while serving a 10-year sentence for a drug conviction.

Investigators found Aql was wanted in connection with several theft and 15 first-degree murder cases. Authorities arrested him and his cousin late Tuesday evening.

Authorities found seven kilograms of hashish, a quarter kilogram of gold, 416 rounds of live ammunition, two firearms and two stolen cars in the two suspects' possession.

Eleven others who allegedly worked with Aql were also arrested.

According to investigations, Aql had used the two districts as drug trafficking hubs.

According to authorities, the defendants confessed to the charges of possessing narcotic drugs intended for sale, and that the seized money and jewelry came from drug sales.

They also said the firearms were used for self-defense and that the cars were used for transport and to escape from the police.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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