Secondary school students demand better syllabuses

Dozens of high schools students in Egypt protested on Tuesday outside the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, demanding changes in the educational system.

Ahmed Nasr, who leads a coalition of school students, said their protest was "an old dream." He said the invitation for the protest was made via Facebook.

Nasr explained that protesters are voicing 17 demands, most important of which is the updating of educational syllabuses to cope with scientific progress, and modernizing university admission systems.

"We demand active laws that stipulate humane treatment of students by teachers," Nasr said, also calling for the removal of panegyrics to former President Hosni Mubarak from history textbooks.

The protesters stressed that they do not oppose those demands voiced by teachers in recent strikes, including calls for an end to the practice of allowing public school teachers to provide private tution, often at high prices.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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