Second season of ‘Leh Laa?’ drama comes to Shahid on Thursday

The first episodes of the second season of the drama “Leh Laa?” (Why Not?), starring Menna Shalaby are coming to Shahid on Thursday.

The series tell the story of Nada, who wants to adopt a child but faces many difficulties along the way. It is part of the “Shahid Al-Oula” social dramas, and raises the issue of adoption in its second season by writer Maryam Naoum and director Maryam Abu Auf.

Naoum says the series tackles topics such as rebellion, and asks why we have to abide by what society tells us instead of rebelling on what it imposes.

She added that the show will not exclusively deal with women’s issues, with coming seasons to deal about men’s issues such as those who find themselves in certain patterns they can’t escape.

“Nada rebels against the idea of ​​marriage at a certain age in order to have the children she dreams of and to fulfill her innate desire to feel motherhood, as if this is the only way to achieve motherhood, knowing that there are other ways that will be discovered through the series,” she explained.

The idea was developed by Dina Negm, who wrote the script and dialogue in cooperation with Magdy Amin, Rania Hassan and Salma Abdel Wahab, through a narration workshop and under the supervision of Naoum.

The series stars Menna Shalaby, Ahmed Hatem, Murad Makram, Maha Abu Auf, Sarah Abdel Rahman, Selim Mostafa, Mona Ahmed Zaher, Donia Maher, Firas Saeed, Yara Gibran, Tamer Nabil, and Reem Hegab.

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