Scobey: US backs human rights, democracy in Egypt

At a US embassy celebration marking US Independence Day on Wednesday, US Ambassador to Egypt Margaret Scobey pointed out that US President Barack Obama had recently declared that Washington would never force countries to adopt a particular political system, but that governments must nevertheless respond to the will of the people.

“Washington supports democracy and human rights in Egypt through NGOs,” Scobey said, adding that her government planned to step up aid to Egypt for the development of education and scientific research.

“The US Overseas Private Investment Corporation has allocated US$455 million for private-sector technology projects,” she noted.

Scobey went on to tell guests how the US had managed to reform itself by abolishing slavery, granting women the right to vote and legalizing civil rights. “All this happened by way of a free press and peaceful demonstrations for change,” she said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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