Scobey says US to increase education aid to Egypt

US Ambassador to Egypt, Margaret Scobey said she hopes negotiations between the Palestinians and Israelis will continue until a peaceful solution is reached, emphasizing the need to create two states that can live side by side in harmony.

Speaking at an iftar in Alexandria to which the US Embassy had invited political and popular leaders, Scobey said that President Barack Obama had invited the Palestinian and Israeli delegations to an iftar, which she hoped would bring the two sides closer together.

Scobey said she hopes the spirit of Ramadan will give an impetus to the peace talks, adding that Ramadan is one of her favorite months and that she particularly likes the way Egyptians celebrate, displaying tolerance, mercy, and solidarity with the poor, shown through the setting up of mercy banquets.

In her speech, Scobey said the US will be increasing the amount of aid given to Egypt specifically for education, and in particular that scientific cooperation between the two countries will be given a boost through the establishment of a US-Egyptian fund for science and technology.

The Overseas Private Investment Corporation has agreed to finance five private investment funds in the Middle East and North Africa to the sum of US$455 million in order to bolster the private sector, she added.

Scobey said her country focuses on promoting democracy and human rights in Egypt through bolstering civil society. To that end the US will establish a center in Cairo to promote creative ideas and social entrepreneurship.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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