School headmaster investigated after 3 belly dancers perform at students ceremony

Official spokesman for the Ministry of Education Ahmed Khairy said in media statements dedicated to local media outlets on Thursday that the Education Minister excluded the headmaster of the Lycee al-Haram School, located in Giza, after three bellydancers were used in a ceremony honoring outstanding students.

He added that the headmaster of the school is being investigated and that a committee of inquiry from the ministry would visit the school on Saturday to investigate the incident, and refer wrongdoers into the legal affairs section.

“There will be a deterrent punishment for anyone who helped organize the ceremony,” he said.

Social media users circulated on Thursday video footage that shows three bellydancers at a ceremony held by Lycee al-Haram School.

Users who circulated the video confirmed that the concert was held on Thursday inside the school, and demanded the headmaster be held accountable.

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