Schedule of Egyptian Ramadan 2023 series and airing channels

There is three weeks to go for the Ramadan 2023 series to begin.

As TV channels prepare this year with a huge lineup of drama to attract the Egyptian and Arab audiences, there is much anticipation from viewers. 

In the following report, Al-Al-Masry Al-Youm reviews the most prominent Ramadan 2023 series and TV channels screening it.

1-Taht al-Wesaya (Under Guardianship)

dmc channels announced the presentation of the “Taht al-Wesaya” series for actress Mona Zaki.

Zaki plays the role of a woman who was forced to live like men in order to work and take care of her family. She works at a port where she paints ships and fishing boats.

The series consists of 15 episodes and is written by Khaled Diab and Sherine Diab, directed by Mohamed Shaker Khodeir, and starring Mona Zaki, Diab, Nisreen Amin, Rushdi Al-Shami, Ali Al-Tayeb, Maha Nassar, Khaled Kamal, Mohamed Abdel-Azim.

2-Omla Nadra (Hard Currency)

CBC channels have announced the presentation of “Omla Nadra” for Nelly Karim, on its screen, as part of the Ramadan 2023 series.

Omla Nadra is a drama taking place in Upper Egypt, written by Medhat El-Adl, directed by Mohamed El-Adl and produced by Gamal El-Adl.

The series is starring Nelly Karim, Jumana Murad, Jamal Suleiman, Kamal Aburia, Ahmed Eid, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Nada Moussa, Muhammad Lotfi, Maryam Al-Khasht, Muhammad Fahim, Ramzi Al-Adl, and Hisham Ashour.

Nelly Karim returns to cooperate with scriptwriter Medhat El-Adl after five years, since they presented the series “L Aala Sear” (For the Highest Price), in Ramadan 2017 series.

3- Alf Hamdela Al Salama (Thank God for Your Return)

Al-Hayat channels announced the presentation of “Alf Hamdela Al Salama” for Yousra.

The series is a social comedy starring Yousra, Shaima Seif, Muhammad Tharwat, Mayan Al-Sayed, Adam Al-Sharqawi, and singer Enaba. The series was written by Muhammad Zulfiqar, directed by Amr Salah, and produced by Gamal Al-Adl.

The series consists of 30 episodes, and the events revolve around the return of Samiha Jahin Al-Suwaisi (Yousra), to Egypt, coming from abroad, to search for a number of family secrets.

4-El-Kebir Awi 7

“El-Kebir Awi 7”, starring Ahmed Mekki, Rahma Ahmed, Mohamed Salam, Bayoumy Fouad, Mostafa Gharib, Samaa Ibrahim and others, will be displayed on ONdrama channel. It is written by Mostafa Saqr and directed by Ahmed al-Gendy.

The series topped Ramadan 2022 series.

The seventh part witnesses marital disputes and problems between El-Kebir and Marbouha, a year after their marriage, in a comic framework.

5- Resalet al-Imam (The Imam’s Message)

Al-Hayat channels announced the presentation of the Resalet al-Imam series for Khaled Al-Nabawi. The work deals with the biography of Imam Al-Shafi’i, one of the most famous Muslim scholars.

It is starring Khaled Al-Nabawi, Arwa Gouda, Nidal Al-Shafei, Hamza Al-Aili, Khaled Anwar, Ahmed Al-Rafei, Salma Abu Daif, Khaled Al-Qish, Farah Bseiso, Muhammad Al-Amrousi, written by Muhammad Hisham Obeya, and directed by Laith Hajjo.

6- Hadret al-Omda (Mr. Mayor)

cbc channels announced the presentation of “Hadret al-Omda” series for Ruby, which takes place within a social and suspenseful framework.

“Hadret al-Omda” is starring Ruby, Basma, Samiha Ayoub, Lotfi Labib, Salah Abdullah and Ahmed Badir, Dina, Muhammad Mahmoud Abdelaziz, Edward, Mahmoud Hafez, Ihab Fahmy, Ahmed Badir, Karim Abdel Khaleq, Muhammad Al-Sawy, Nahla Salama, and Hussam Dagher, written by Ibrahim Issa, and directed by Adel Adeeb.

7- Jamila

Al-Hayat channels announced the presentation of “Jamila” for Reham Haggag.

The series takes place in a suspenseful and social framework, and sheds light on marital disputes.

It is starring Haggag, Abeer Sabry, Sawsan Badr, Yousra Al-Lawzi, Ahmed Wafik, Hani Adel, Hisham Ismail, and written by Ayman Salama and directed by Sameh Abdelaziz.

8- Jaafar al-Omda (Jaafar, the mayor)

dmc channels announced presenting “Jaafar al-Omda” series for Mohamed Ramadan.

Ramadan plays the role of the mayor, who owns a contracting company, and is married to four women: May Kassab, Iman Al-Assi, Zina, and Menna Fadali.

The series is starring Ramadan, Zina, Hala Sidqi, Menna Fadali, Iman Al-Assi, Mai Kassab, Issam Al-Sakka, Munther Rayahna, Doaa Hakam, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Fahmin, Tariq Al-Desouki, Ahmed Fathi, Farida Saif Al-Nasr, Ahmed Dash, Magdy Badr, and Salwa Othman, and written and directed by Mohamed Sami.

9- Darb Nar (Shooting)

“Darb Nar” starring Ahmed al-Awady, Yasmine Abdelaziz, Suhair al-Morshedy, Maged al-Masry, Tamer Magdy, Hoda al-Etreby, Iman al-Sayed, Badria Tolba, Tamer Nabil, Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Tayseer Abdelaziz, and others.

It is written by Nasser Abdel Rahman and directed by Mostafa Fekry.

Awady embodies the character of Jaber Abu Shadeed, from Sohag Governorate, who travels to Cairo and works in a car repair workshop. He meets a young woman named Mahra, whose role is played by Abdel Aziz, and a love story begins between both of them.

10- Serro al-Batea

“Serro al-Batea” (His Strong Impact) is written and directed by Khaled Youssef, and co-starring Ahmed Fahmy, Hussein Fahmy, Khaled al-Sawy, Ahmed Abdulaziz, Hanan Metawe, Ahmed Salah al-Saadani, Hala Sidqy, Reem Mostafa, and Amr Abdel Gelil.

The events of the series are based on the “Serro al-Batea” short story by the great novelist Youssef Idris.

The events take place in two different eras, the first is the current era and the second is at the end of the 18th century, during the French campaign in Egypt.

Actress Hoda al-Etreby said she plays the role of Sarah al-Batea and taking part in the resistance movement against the French invasion to Egypt.

Hussein Fahmy embodies the role of Clement, a scholar who came with Napoleon Bonaparte to Egypt, loved Egypt, lived and died in it.

11-Gat Salima

cbc channels announced the presentation of “Gat Salima” series for Donia Samir Ghanem.

“Gat Salima” brings back Donia Samir Ghanem, to the screen after an absence of three years, since her last work, “Badal al-Hadota 3”, in Ramadan 2019.

“Gat Salima” is a comedy consisting of 15 episodes, written by Karim Youssef and Sameh Gamal, directed by Islam Khairy and produced by Ahmed al-Sobky.

12- Elaqa Mashrooa (Legit Affair)

“Elaqa Mashrooa” (A Legitimate Relationship) is a social drama, starring Yasser Galal, Mai Omar, Dalia Mostafa, Murad Makram, Basant Shawky, and Mimi Gamal. It is written by Samah Hariri and directed by Khaled Marei.

Galal plays the role of a businessman who is married to Mai Omar in a 15-episode series.

Galal’s stable family life turns into tension due to an accident, as the events unfold.

13- Al-Soffara (The Whistle)

dmc channels announced presenting “al-Soffara” series for Ahmed Amin.

“Al-Soffara” is a comedy consisting of only 15 episodes. Its idea is taken from a foreign story entitled “A Sound of Thunder”.

Amin plays the role of Fouad who works as a tour guide, and steals an antique whistle from Siwa, that takes him back to the past, where his life is turned upside down.

The series is starring Ahmed Amin, Mahmoud Al-Bezawi, Taha Desouki, Hatem Salah, Mohamed Radwan, Aya Salah, and Samia Trabulsi. It is directed by Alaa Ismail.

14-Mozakerat Zoag (A Husband’s Diary)

cbc channels announced that the presentation of “Mozakerat Zoag” for Tariq Lotfi.

“Mozakerat Zoag” is based on a novel by the late writer Ahmed Bahgat, directed by Tamer Nadi, and starring Tariq Lotfi, Khaled Al-Sawy, Nour Al-Nabawy, Aisha bin Ahmed and others.

15- Souq al-Kanto (Kanto Market)

dmc channels announced the presentation of “Souq al-Kanto” series for Amir Karara.

The events of the series revolve in 1930s 1940s in downtown Cairo, about a young man embodied by Amir Karara whose life is turned upside down due to a quarrel between him and the merchants of the “Kanto Market”, after which he turns into a thug.

“Souq al-Kanto” is written by Hany Sarhan, directed by Hussein Al-Manbawi, and starring Amir Karara, Mai Ezz Eddin, Fathi Abdel Wahhab, Maha Nassar, Abdelaziz Makhyoun, Tamer Nabil, Tharaa Jbeil, Salwa Othman,m, Diaa Abdel Khaleq, Ahmed Al-Tohamy, and Sherif Idris.

16- Al-Aghar

MBC Masr will present “Al-Aghar” for Amr Saad.

The events series occur in the al-Darb al-Ahmar neighborhood in Cairo.

It is starring Amr Saad, Sayed Ragab, Dora, Khaled Zaki, Mahmoud Kabil, Amr Abdel-Gelil, Arefa Abdel Rasoul, Ahmed Magdy, Sarah Salama, Nour al-Nabawy, Ahmed Safwat, Mohamed Gomaa, and Mustafa Abu Seree’.

17- Taghyeer Gaw

MBC Masr will also present “Taghyeer Gaw” series for Menna Shalaby.

“Taghyeer Gaw” revolve around Sherifa who faces several crises due to her mother’s addiction to tranquilizers, and who suffers from several diseases, in addition to her addiction to drinking alcohol. She has a love story with a university doctor, played by Iyad Nassar.

The series is starring Menna Shalaby, Iyad Nassar, Mervat Amin, Sherine, Saleh Bakri, Issam Omar, and written by Mona El-Shimi, and directed by Maryam Abu Ouf.

18- Rashid

MBC Masr will present “Rashid” series for Mohamed Mamdouh.

“Rasheed” is starring Reham Abdel Ghafour and Mohamed Mamdouh, written by Wissam Sabry, and directed by Mai Mamdouh.

19- Al-Harsha Al-Sabaa

MBC Nasr will present “Al-Harsha Al-Sabaa”for Amina Khalil.

The series is tarring Amina Khalil Muhammad Shaheen, Ali Qassem, Asmaa Galal and Aida Riyad, written by Maryam Naoum, and directed by Karim Al-Shennawy.

20- “Al Maddah 3… The Legend of Love”

MBC Masr will present “Al-Maddah 3” for Hamada Helal.

The series recorded high views in the past two seasons prompting its makers to make a third part.

The work is starring Hamada Helal Khaled Zaki, Muhammad Riyad, and Rania Farid Shawky, directed by Ahmed Samir Farag, and written by Amin Gamal.

“Al-Maddah 3” is also shown exclusively on digital platforms that recently revealed the poster of the series, on which Helal appeared carrying a baby.

21- El-Sandou (The Box)

MBC Masr will present El-Sandou for Ahmed Dash, consisting of 15 episodes. It is starring Ahmed Dash, Hoda Al-Mufti, Samah Anwar, and Ali Qassem. The work is written by Mostafa Saqr and directed by Marwan Abdel Moneim.

On the other hand, Dash will participate as well with Mohamed Ramadan, in his series “Jaafar al-Omda”.

22- Muawiya

“Muawiya” sparked controversy, and the Media Commission in Iraq decided to ban it.

MBC responded in an official statement to the commission, announcing it plans to present the work, in Ramadan.

The religious series is starring Lujain Ismail, Iyad Nassar, Ayman Zaidan, Samer Al-Masry, Suhair bin Amara  and others.

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