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Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejects US report on Jamal Khashoggi murder

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Saturday rejected a US report on the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi and asserted that it could not possibly accept its incorrect conclusions.

It added that the kingdom has already taken all necessary judicial measures to investigate those responsible for murdering Khashoggi  and bring them to justice.

The ministry assured that the final court rulings were already issued against them and had been accepted by the Khashoggi family.

The relationship between Saudi Arabia and the US is a strong one based on solid foundations of mutual respect over eighty years, the ministry wrote, with institutions in both nations working to strengthen them further and  intensify cooperation for further security and stability in the region.

The UAE announced its support towards the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and expressed confidence in the rulings of the Saudi judiciary.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared its rejection of anything that might affect the sovereignty of Saudi Arabia. It stressed the important role played by Saudi Arabia, under the leadership of King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, in maintaining regional stability, supporting moderation and rejecting extremism.

And the Bahraini Foreign Ministry also expressed its support towards the Saudi Foreign Ministry and echoed the statement made by Kuwait in praising the role Saudi Arabia has played in protecting the region’s stability.

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