Saudi Kingdom lifts ban on Egyptian Guava: Minister


Saudi Kingdom’s Minister of Environment, Water and Agriculture Abdel Rahman Bin Abdel Mohsen al-Fadhly on Wednesday lifted a ban on importing Guava from Egypt after Egypt implemented new exportation rules.

According to a report released by Egypt’s Ministry of Agriculture, the new rules include providing export information codes for Guava farms, exporting companies and the packaging locations, alongside properly checking Guava shipments.

The report mentioned that Egypt’s exports of Guava worldwide have reached 14,703 tons in 2018.

Head of the Central Administration of the Pest Control Mamdouh al-Sebeai clarified that the ministry has adopted global quality standards to help in reducing pesticide traces and increasing Guava exports by relying on the use of harmless fruit fly insecticides following recommendations from the Agricultural Pesticide Committee.

Saudi Arabia temporarily banned imports of fresh, frozen, and manufactured Guava from Egypt on December 2017 due to pesticide residues, which proved to be higher than the global standards limit.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm






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