Sat TV channels ordered to broadcast directly from state-run studios

The ministries of information and communications last week informed nine satellite channels that they must broadcast directly from studios affiliated with the state-run Media Production City if they wanted to seen their licenses renewed.

According to sources at one Arab satellite channel operating in Egypt, the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority notified channel administrators that they would not be provided with a broadcast frequency if they did not transmit content directly from Egypt. The same sources said they had not been given any prior notice about the new arrangement.

“Serious channels will not have any problem with the new regulation,” said Mohamed Gohar of Video Cairo Sat, which provides live broadcast services. “Dubious channels, by contrast, will."

Restricting broadcasts to Media Production City, located in the 6 October district on the outskirts of the capital, is expected to hinder live television coverage–especially of protests and demonstrations, which commonly take place in downtown Cairo. Satellite channels will also be forced to shell out hefty fees for the use of Media Production City's studios.

Translated from the Arabic Edition. 

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