Salvation Front calls for voting ‘yes’ to amendments

The National Salvation Front (NSF) announced Monday a campaign calling on Egyptians to vote “yes” on constitutional amendments in the upcoming referendum.
Fouad Badrawy, secretary general of the Wafd Party and coordinator of the Executive Office of the NSF, said the Front will announce their full plan after an agreement has been reached on all aspects of the campaign. 
The Executive Office has made this plan after the political bureau of the front has discussed its position on the draft constitution and the public perception of the campaign,” he explained.
The Front previously said it would urge citizens to attend referendum without directing them to a specific vote.
NSF support for the constitution was announced prior to the campaign by spokesperson Azazy Ali Azazy on 25 November. 
The Front was the largest opposition coalition against Morsy’s rule, before his ousting on 3 July.
The Nour Party, the Tamarod, and the Popular Current party have also announced their support for the constitution in recent days, while the Strong Egypt Party and April 6 Youth Movement have urged for a “no” vote. 
Edited translation from MENA

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