Salafi preacher apologizes to ElBaradei for calling him an infidel

Salafi preacher Hazem Shoman has apologized to Mohamed ElBaradei for previously accusing him of being an infidel after his daughter married a Christian.

On the Al-Rahma television station on Saturday, Shoman said, ”Islam teaches us to be fair in our disagreements with others,” after which he blamed the media for being behind the rumors that ElBaradei’s daughter had married a Christian man.

“This is not an easy rumor and many Egyptians became confused. However, ElBardei denied the rumor and we believe the man,” said Shoman. “Therefore, I would like to apologize to Dr ElBaradei on behalf of anyone who said such things.”

In related news, a number of Islamists from different groups have announced the formation of a new Islamic coalition. The coalition will include clerics from the Ministry of Endowments, members of both the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and the Ansar al-Sunnah Society, as well as Salafi Muslims and Tabligh and Daawa members in Aswan. The coalition will be headed by Islamic studies professor Khamis Sayed, with Moussa Ali Ahmed as vice president, Magdi Abul Ainain as secretary general and MB representative, and Ali Hussein as media spokesman.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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