Salafi party claims commitment to peace treaty with Israel

The spokesman for the Nour Party, the leading Salafi political party in Egypt, has affirmed his party's commitment to the Camp David peace agreement with Israel.

The spokesman, Yousry Hammad, said that he was contacted by a correspondent from Israeli radio, Jackie Khoji, who inquired about the party’s stance on the Camp David Agreement.

“I told him the treaty is binding because Egypt has signed it,” Hammad said, explaining to him that the Egyptian people want to amend certain articles to enable Egypt to better control Sinai.

“I also told him Israel must protect its borders without attacking Egyptian soldiers,” he said. “And that we must be able to send aid to our Palestinian brothers in Gaza without problems.”

He added that Khoji told him he was astonished at the Islamists' success in recent parliamentary elections. “I explained to him that the former regime suppressed all political forces to make believe it was the only one capable of running the country,” he said.

On dialogue with Israel, Hammad said the party was not invited to such dialogue. “This must come through the Foreign Ministry in the form of an official invitation,” he said.

“We're here to achieve the hopes of the people for a safe and stable country, not to take certain stances,” he told the correspondent.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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