Salafi Dawah, Nour Party accuse MB of terrorist acts

The Muslim Brotherhood formed an undercover trained organization to carry out bombings and terrorize citizens, Nour Party spokesman Sherief Taha claimed in a statement.
Taha stressed that the Muslim Brotherhood is responsible for all the terrorist acts that have taken place during the last period in Cairo and other governorates to destroy the state.
The Brotherhood leaders issued fatwas inciting supporters of the group to carry out bombings, arson and terrorism, stressing that those leaders consider those who disagree with them as enemies, said Salafi Dawah deputy head Yasser Borhamy.
Those who carry out these terrorist acts harm Islam which instructs preserving lives, Borhamy added in a statement published on the Salafi Dawah website.
The group accuses Muslims of infidelity to achieve personal goals, the statement said, and has become a major threat to Islam.
Manufacturing bombs and leaving them on roads stems from an extremist approach and is an intellectual deviation far away from Islamic Shariaa because harming people and wasting their money are prohibited in Islam, he mentioned.
"How could they leave a bomb on Muslims roads whilst they know a child, a woman, or an old man may pass?" Borhamy said.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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