Salafi Daawa: Arab Spring produced terrorists

Spokesperson of the Salafi Daawa Abdel Moneim al-Shahhat attacked terrorists, that he said were produced during the Arab Spring, during a conference on Friday.
Al-Shahhat argued terrorists were ‘Kharijites’, a historical reference to adherents of an extremist branch of Islam that murdered Caliph Ali in the 661 AD. “They spread their poisons to destroy societies through violence,” he added.
“Extremism is based on intolerance, [stubbornly] sticking to one’s viewpoint, considering violators as infidels and promoting to strange thoughts as being of Islam, while they are not,” he said.
The Arab Spring revolutions produced many jihadist, terrorist and extremist groups on the top is the Islamic State, which is a group that seeks destruction and dismantling of the societies, he argued.
Adel Nasr, member of the Salafi Daawa board, agreed, saying that the ‘Kharijites’ are very dangerous as they consider the whole nation infidels and allow the bloodshed of its people. He added that they aim to ruin the countries in the region and create chaos until they have control, which he feared would allow Shias to control the Islamic world.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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