Sabbahi meets with European ambassadors

Presidential hopeful and founder of the Popular Current Hamdeen Sabbahi met with ambassadors of Holland, Sweden and Belgium to Cairo at his office Tuesday to dicuss relations between Egypt and the EU.
Egypt is moving toward the second step on the road map after the completion of the Constitution, Sabbahi said during the meeting, adding he hopes the elections would be free and fair to truely reflect the will of Egyptians. He stressed the need to provide all integrity guarantees that the opposition had called for under toppled President Mohamed Morsy.
The people need the return of security and stability quickly, but will not though sacrifice their demand for a dignified living and freedom, he said.
Sabbahi said people's demand for social justice motivated him to run the the next election.
"We need a decisive confrontation with terrorism without compromising rights and freedoms or expanding the use of force against peaceful demonstrators," he added.
"Terrorism has no future in Egypt," he said.
Sabbahi discussed with the ambassadors means to strengthen cooperation between Egypt and the EU in various fields, especially the economic by encouraging European investment in Egypt in solar energy.
Maasam Marzouk, Chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Popular Current, said Sabbahi's platform puts a new foreign policy for Egypt through cooperative relations with the most important regional and international emerging powers like Brazil, China and Russia.
Sabbahi is planning to integrate the informal economy in the national economy of the state, Marzouk said, pointing out that experts assigned to the development of the the platform are currently discussing how to restructure subsidies so as to reach those who deserve it.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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