Sabbahi to Tunisia’s Ghannouchi: There is defamation campaign against me

Former presidential candidate Hamdeen Sabbahi told Tunisian Ennahda Party head Rachid Ghannouchi that the Muslim Brotherhood and its presidential candidate Mohamed Morsy have organized a defamation campaign against him.

During a meeting with Ghannouchi at the headquarters of his presidential campaign, Sabbahi confirmed that he is not backing Morsy or Ahmed Shafiq in the runoff election on 16 and 17 June.

Sabbahi lauded the Tunisian revolution and the Ennahda Party for not monopolizing power after the revolution. Ghannouchi asserted the importance of nationalist-Islamic cooperation in Egypt, adding that it is Egypt’s destiny to lead the Arab and Islamic nations. He also confirmed that Egypt and Tunisia both need a collaborative rule in which no party monopolizes power.

Ghannouchi said that the Tunisian people are sure that the Egyptian revolution will be victorious and will achieve freedom, social justice, national independence and human dignity.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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