Russian airline cancels all flights to Egypt because of Jordan

TEZ TOUR announced that the Russian airline iFly has canceled international flight programs to Egypt from several places in Russia because it was not authorized to use Jordanian airspace.

TEZ TOUR Press explained that it would not be able to fly to Egypt from several other countries due to the restrictions imposed on its flights from these countries and a number of other countries.

The company added that iFly has transported 7,500 Russian tourists from Egypt, during the recent period after they were stuck in Egyptian resorts due to problems related to the company.

Earlier, Turkey, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Eritrea banned iFly from flying through their airspace.

The iFly airline asked the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency to allow it to fly through Syria, but the agency did not agree to this route, considering it unsafe.

The problems came initially because Jordan banned iFly from flying through its airspace, and Jordan required the company to have an insurance certificate issued in London.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that Moscow does not consider the decision taken by Jordan to be politicized and directed against Russia’s interests.

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