Russia says ballistic ‘objects’ fired in Mediterranean

Russian radar detected two ballistic “objects” that were fired towards the eastern Mediterranean from the central part of the sea on Tuesday, state-run news agency RIA quoted the Defense Ministry as saying.
The Defense Ministry declined immediate comment to Reuters. A ministry official had earlier criticized the United States for deploying warships in the Mediterranean close to Syria.
World powers have been divided over military action against Syria to punish the regime of president Bashar al-Assad for the alleged use of chemical weapons in a government army crackdown on rebel forces and civilians in Damascus last month.
Israel said it was unaware of any ballistic missile launch being conducted in the eastern Mediterranean.
“We are not aware, at this time, of such an event having occurred,” a military spokeswoman in Jerusalem said after a Russian news agency reported the launch of two ballistic “objects” from the central part of the sea eastward.

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