Russia claims it is increasing production of strategic bombers

Katharina Krebs in London

The Kazan Aircraft Building Plant claims it is increasing the production of modernized version of Tu-160M strategic bombers, according to the statement published on Friday by the Russia’s state industrial corporation Rostec.

“The plant is producing upgraded strategic missile carriers Tu-160M. The decision to resume their production was made by the President of Russia. The updated aircraft have significantly expanded combat capabilities, they have a significant potential,” the statement said. “Further development of the platform will make it possible to use it for new types of weapons, including advanced ones.”
More background: Russia relies heavily on imports of Western components for its military industry, and has struggled to produce advance long range missiles as well as other equipment to continue its war in Ukraine because of sanctions. Moscow has relied heavily on older equipment and even brought back previously decommissioned armored vehicles and tanks, with analysis suggesting it has happened in part because of Western sanctions.
Last week, Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced a large-scale effort to build up capacities to produce more weapons for its so-called ‘special military operation’ in Ukraine. Putin said increased production of an “additional volume” of weapons is “urgently needed” and assured that special attention would be paid to the legalities and allotment of funding towards the initiative.

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