Russia again cuts gas supplies to Europe, with Nord Stream 1 pipeline operating at 20% of maximum capacity

Russian energy giant Gazprom has imposed a further cut on gas flows to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 20% of maximum capacity, German network operator Gascade said in a statement Wednesday.

The Russian state-owned energy company said on Monday that gas flows would be reduced as it shuts down a turbine for repairs.

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck reacted strongly on Monday, saying that “there is no technical reason for a reduction in deliveries.”

Gas had been flowing at 40% capacity after Russia slashed exports in response to Western sanctions.

To avoid a gas shortage in winter, Germany is currently trying to fill its gas storage facilities as quickly as possible. The facilities are currently filled to about 66% capacity, according to the German gas and electricity regulator.

On Tuesday, EU energy ministers agreed to a voluntary target to reduce gas usage by 15% between August and March 2023 in order to prepare for the winter.

Gas prices have spiked more than 20% since the start of the week.

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