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Russia accuses US of starting ‘world war’

The US and UK’s attacks on Huthi groups in Yemen continue to escalate, while Russian has demanded to prosecute US President Joe Biden over starting a “world war.”

The US army launched new raids on Huthi sites at dawn on Saturday, including at the vicinity of Sanaa International Airport.

A member of the Supreme Political Council of the Huthi group in Yemen, Mohamed Ali al-Huthi, urged the Americans and the British to “return to their countries and focus on addressing racism instead of protecting Israeli ships.”

Sources in the Huthi group said that they would not allow what they called “the Americans’ invasion of the country,” pointing out that the response to the attacks would be soon.



Russia calls for a trial

The Speaker of the Russian Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, called for a trial of US President Joe Biden in response to the US and British strikes in Yemen.

Volodin said Biden needs a small, victorious war to distract voters from failures in Ukraine and the problems of the United States.

The Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya Vasily Nebenzia, condemned the American and British strikes, describing them as “blatant armed aggression.”

London defended the legitimacy of the military strikes, reiterating that it acted in self-defense.

United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged all parties to “de-escalate” after the US-British strikes, calling on countries protecting their ships from Huthi attacks in the Red Sea to adhere to international law.

The Gulf Cooperation Council countries called for “restraint and avoid escalation” regarding the military operations that took place in several locations in Yemen.


European division

Italy, Spain and France chose not to participate in the US and British strikes, and did not sign a statement justifying the attack issued by 10 countries.

European diplomats said that the European Union will discuss next week the possibility of sending a force to help protect navigation in the Red Sea.

Paris said in a statement that the Huthis, through their attacks on ships in the Red Sea, bear “responsibility for the regional escalation,” demanding that the Huthis “immediately stop” their attacks, noting that countries have the right to act.

On the ground, the American destroyer USS Carney launched a strike on a radar site belonging to the Huthis in Yemen, at dawn Saturday local time, using Tomahawk missiles, according to the US Central Command (Centcom).

A member of the Supreme Political Council of the Huthi group in Yemen, Mohamed Ali al-Huthi, during a speech he delivered in the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, criticized the US and the UK for their aggression, in reference to launching air strikes on sites belonging to the Huthis, on Thursday.

He rejected the American’s claim that the strikes were launched on Yemen “in self-defense,” saying: “We did not attack the American shores, we did not reach the shores of Florida, and we did not attack the American islands.”

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