Run-offs update: Voters face intimidation in Shubra, representatives say

Shubra candidate Ramy Lakkah has reported a series of violations in his district to the public prosecutor, the candidates' representatives said.

Lakkah is competing for the professional seat in the largely-Christian district against former police officer and prominent NDP official Fady Habashy. Ekramy Hassan, one of Lakkah’s representatives, told Al-Masry Al-Youm Habashy's thugs electrocuted several Lakkah supporters with charged batons.

A Christian family backing Lakkah told Al-Masry Al-Youm they were attacked by thugs Saturday night and warned not to vote for Lakkah. Samah, 15, said a young man attacked her with a razor while she headed home last night, while her father received anonymous calls warning him to avoid the polling station today.

Thugs and security officials prevented polling station access to many of Lakkah's representatives today, according to Hassan. Lakkah, a member of the Wafd Party, is running in the elections despite his party’s official withdrawal from the race.

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