Run-offs update: Ballots rigged in favor of Tagammu candidate in Daqahleya, NDP candidate says

Abdel Fattah Diab, NDP candidate seeking the professionals seat in the Aga, Daqahleya district, has withdrawn from the run-off poll, citing vote rigging violations in favor of Tagammu Party candidate Raafat Seif.

"Ballot stuffing is happening in Aga district in favor of the Tagammu candidate Raafat Saif,” Ahmad Fawzy, of the Egyptian Organization for the Enhancement of Political Participation told Al-Masry Al-Youm.

Tagammu officials announced the party will participate in the run-off elections, despite Wafd and Muslim Brotherhood decisions to boycott.

Opposition forces have repeatedly criticized the ruling NDP and security apparatus of orchestrating fraud.

The decision stirred internal conflict in the party. Tagammu local leaders staged a sit-in on Saturday to protest the party's decision to participate in the run-offfs. The leaders were prevented from entering party headquarters in downtown Cairo, as the premises were shut down.

Tagammu national leaders held a meeting at an alternate locations.

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