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Robert De Niro may make guest appearance in Ahmed al-Awady’s coming movie

Film director Tarek Alarian is currently negotiating with Robert De Niro to participate as a guest of honor in the “Bulldozer” movie.

This will mark the first time Egyptian actor Ahmed will appear on the screen. 

If he agrees to join, De Niro will appear in the movie as a coach for Awady, ET bel Arabi TV show reported.

In case De Niro refuses to participate there are three international stars who could fill the role.

Most of the movie is set to be filmed outside of Egypt.

The USA will be a major location for the film as there will be a need to use professional American martial artists in the film.

Awady and his wife actress Yasmine Abdel Aziz  recently starred in a series in Ramadan 2023, called “Elle Maloush Kbeer” (He who has no Master).

It was directed by Mostafa Fikry, and written by Nasser Abdel Rahman.

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