Rising sea levels could submerge Nile Delta, geologist warns

Assiut University held a press conference on Wednesday to announce the results of a study conducted by Egyptian Geologist Khaled Abdel Kader Auda on the anticipated impact of climate change on Egypt's coastline.

“This is a very important study on the subject,” said Assiut University Vice President Ahmed Gaeiss.

Notably, Egypt's Minister of Environment failed to attend the event, while the Minister of Irrigation and Water Resources only sent an adviser to represent him.

Speaking at the conference, Auda criticized the government for neglecting scientific research, which, he noted, required substantial funding.

“Egypt is among the countries that will be significantly affected by climate change, since the Nile Delta lies beneath sea level,” he said. “Should the sea level rise by only one meter, the delta will be inundated.”

Auda went on to say that environment experts all over the world had predicted rising sea levels in coming decades, noting that a number of countries had already begun taking preemptive measures to protect their respective shorelines.

“But our government hasn't yet taken any steps to protect our north coast," he said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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