Rights group: Economy’s decline proves failure of Egypt’s govt

Decline of Egypt’s economic performance is proof of the government’s failure to provide real solutions to the economic crisis, said the Egyptian Center for Economic and Social Rights (ECESR) in a statement on Wednesday.

"The Egyptian economy has been affected by the global economic crisis and the country’s poor people have paid the price, especially since the only beneficiaries of [Egypt’s economic] policies are those close to decision-makers," the organization said.

Citing an oligopoly on money and power, the organization said returns on development in Egypt are distributed unfairly. They pointed to a rise in radicalization and corruption as well as increasing poverty in light of stagnant wages, lack of employment opportunity, and deteriorating living conditions.

The organization called for open dialogue within the community, with the participation of all social and political movements and groups, to find a solution.

It also called for a fair minimum wage that is proportional to increases in living costs. The organization stressed the importance of closely monitoring markets, controlling prices of essential commodities and services, and stemming any increases in the cost of basic services.

Meanwhile, ECESR Director Khaled Ali said that at the moment, the country cannot afford partial or temporary measures that circumvent the citizens’ essential needs.

Ali called for comprehensive change and the urgent adoption of alternative policies focusing on social justice, democracy and the eradication of corruption.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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