Revolutionary youth group calls on prime minister to join protests on 8 July

Prime Minister Essam Sharaf on Saturday met with six members of the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition at his residence to discuss the demonstration slated for 8 July to demand retribution for the martyrs of the revolution.

Coalition members invited Sharaf to join the demonstration, to which he said such an action would be interpreted as siding with certain factions against others.

“We asked Sharaf to limit the powers of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, which is opposing the demands of the revolution and stifling the prime minister,” said coalition member Mostafa Shawky.

Meanwhile, the families of those killed in the January uprising staged a protest in Tahrir Square, demanding speedy trials for members of the former regime, as well as for police officers accused of shooting demonstrators. They also demanded the removal of Interior Minister Mansour Essawy for failing to restore order.

Eleven political movements said they would boycott the 8 July demonstration, calling for more cooperation between the people and police.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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