Revolutionary youth condemn violence against Nakba protesters

Revolutionary youth groups on Monday criticized security forces for suppressing protests near the Israeli Embassy to mark the anniversary of Israel’s creation, or Nakba Day, as the event is known to much of the Arab world.

In two statements released on Monday, the youth groups said the repression of protests is a dangerous indicator that the Interior Ministry is reverting to the use of violence against peaceful protesters.

The 25 Revolutionary Youth Coalition accused a specific leader in the Giza security department of giving orders to use force against protesters.

The coalition further criticized Central Security forces for using tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters, whom it said were demonstrating peacefully on the sidewalk opposite the embassy without trying to break in.

The coalition called for a probe into the clashes, as well as identifying and prosecuting the security official who gave orders to use rubber bullets and tear gas.

The Revolution Youth Union on Monday issued a statement criticizing the use of force against protesters and called investigating the incidents.

Khaled Tleima, a member of the Revolution Youth Coalition, said the Interior Ministry’s claim that protesters attempted to storm the embassy was used as a pretext to attack the demonstrators.

He added that the use of violence represents a return to past behavior on the part of security forces during and prior to the 25 January revolution.

"If the Interior Ministry continues to use the same approach, then we will return to Tahrir Square, because this is not an acceptable way of dealing with freedom of expression," Tleima said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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