Revolutionary list should focus on drafting new constitution, says doctor

The first priority for winning candidates from the Revolution Continues Coalition (RCC) should be to draft a constitution that suits Egypt and its people, said Dr. Mohamed Ghoneim, a kidney transplant pioneer who supports the party's list in Daqahlia.

The RCC insists on retaining Article 2 of Egypt's suspended constitution, which stipulates that Islamic Sharia is the principle source of legislation in Egypt, he said.

However, non-Muslims should have the right to govern themselves by their own religious laws, he said, and the new constitution should safeguard personal freedoms and ensure a democratic transfer of power.

At an event held in the village of Telbana in the city of Mansoura to celebrate RCC candidate Mohamed Shabana's winning the single-winner seat in Daqahlia's first constituency, Ghoneim emphasized the RCC's commitment to social justice.

Ghoneim said he supports the RCC but will not hesitate to criticize the coalition if its candidates let down those who entrusted them with their votes.

Egypt faces several challenges during the remainder of the transitional period, he said, such as writing a new constitution and holding presidential, gubernatorial and local council elections.

Ghoneim said the revolution actually began before 25 January and has not yet ended. The revolution needs to continue until it achieves all of its goals, he said.

Shabana said Ghoneim withstood ferocious attacks for his support of the RCC parliamentary list, particularly from Islamists.

The RCC is mainly comprised of left-wing groups, with some exceptions. Its members include the Socialist Popular Alliance Party, the Egyptian Current Party (a splinter party of former Muslim Brotherhood youth), the Egyptian Socialist Party and the Freedom Egypt Party.

Well-known revolutionary activist groups such as the Justice and Freedom movement and the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition are also RCC members.

The RCC list won about 10 seats in elections for Egypt's lower house of parliament, the People's Assembly, which are set to conclude this month.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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